About TEC Institute of Management


To offer pro-active education, training, and consultancy services that are relevant to the growing needs of the private, public, and non-government sectors in tandem with the rapidly changing situations.


Our vision is to partner with development agencies and corporate entities in offering education, training, and consultancy for the reduction of poverty, inequalities, and improvement of life.


At TEC Institute of Management, we go the extra mile to interest ourselves in the end product; the development of a wholesome and well informed person that easily fits in civil, business, and management communities with effective, focused, and visionary value-adding contributions.

At TEC Institute of Management, we offer training, management, development and consultancy services that are aimed at reducing poverty, inequality, and improvement of human life in specific and general terms. We believe that the agencies that implement programs aimed at reducing poverty and bringing about tangible socioeconomic development need customized training geared to efficiently implementing their programs in order to achieve their goals, and objectives.