About TEC Institute of Management : Divisions

Local & International Programs

This Division is involved in arranging, planning, and delivering classroom based training in: Business, Human Resources, and Marketing and Accounting/Finance Courses, among others, leading to award of Certificates, Diplomas, and Advanced/Higher Diplomas to qualifying students. These courses are offered and examined in collaboration with local and international examination bodies. These courses are delivered through Full-Time, Part-Time, and Distance Learning methodology of curriculum instruction. The students are prepared with an emphasis to fitting them in the world of work, while those learning as they work, preparing them for skill competencies, efficiency and relevance for the ever changing market situations.

The local programs are examined and certified by Kenya National Examinations Council and Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board.

The international programs are examined and certified by Association of Business Executives (UK) and Institute of Commercial Management (UK).

TEC Institute of Management comprises of a pool of experts who are successful practitioners in their own fields. These experts are supported by an elaborate network of specialists who can be called upon to assist in other areas as per the needs of the clients.

The Institute operates on the principle of co-sourcing. This provides for a free association with professionals who value ideas of honesty, innovation, development and personal empowerment.

We are therefore capable of gathering and disbanding teams for each particular project through co-sourcing, out-sourcing, and networking.

We believe in working with the client to create successful results. We help develop measurable goals, develop strategies to achieve these goals, and if necessary, oversee the implementation of these strategies.

1. Corporate Management Training

2. Management, Consultancy, and Research

3. Counseling Psychology Training Services