About TEC Institute of Management : Divisions

1. Corporate Management Training

Team Building

This Division is responsible for corporate clients' training needs assessment and intervention programs development and implementation. It is also responsible for developing short in-house and open ended courses. Its core training competencies include:

  1. Leadership and management
  2. Team building and Team Management
  3. Customer Service
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Project Cycle Management
  6. Supervisory Skills
  7. Training of Trainers/Facilitators
  8. Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  9. Donor Funds Management (Prudence, accountability, and transparency)
  10. Production promotion campaigns
  11. Modern office management
  12. Entrepreneurship/Micro-enterprises
  13. Human resource Management
  14. Public and environmental health
  15. Management of HIV/AIDS Impact at the workplace
  16. Marketing Training and Research

2. Management, Consultancy, & Research

3. Counseling Psychology Training Services

4. Local & International Programs