About TEC Institute of Management : Divisions

2. Management, Consultancy, and Research

Management, Consultancy, and Research

This Division is responsible for corporate management consultancy services as well as marketing and general business research services. The core functions are:

  1. Corporate strategic plan development
  2. Performance management (Appraisal/Audit)
  3. Baseline surveys
  4. Project design
  5. Project management and mainstreaming
  6. Corporate strategic Management of HIV/AIDS Impact at the workplace
  7. Organizational restructuring/re-engineering
  8. Marketing research & Consumer monitoring
  9. Sales Promotion Management
  10. Programmes monitoring and evaluation/reviews
  11. Staff recruitment and Appraisal
  12. Business development
  13. Policy formulation
  14. Entrepreneurship/Micro-enterprise development

We have been involved in Private, Government, as well as NGO's' management consultancy work for over fifteen years where we have done, for example, Financial and Management systems development, Programme Winding up and Reporting, Development Work Management in the fields of Education, Health, Agriculture, SACCO's, and Programme Monitoring and Reviews for Bilateral Partnerships.

1. Corporate Management Training

3. Counseling Psychology Training Services

4. Local & International Programs