About TEC Institute of Management

Our Management Team

TEC Institute of Management

We have assembled an experienced and highly skilled team of consultants in a variety of competence areas. We believe this setup together with the full compliment of outsourced experts gives us capabilities to meet all our clients' needs sufficiently and fast enough.

Key Management Staff profiles

Dr Joshua Mainga, PhD : Managing Director & Principle Management Consultant

He has over 20 years of experience in financial and human resource management. His experience is spread over the private sector and donor funded projects management spectrum as well as in higher education. He holds a Master in Business Administration and Education degree with an emphasis in management and a PhD in HRM and Comparative Management.

Mrs. Violet Nthiga: Training Manager - Counseling Division

Mrs. Nthiga holds a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and a PhD degree in the same field. She has a wide experience in dealing with psychological and counseling issues at corporate level/work place. She deals with individual, group, and family counseling as well as organizing company counseling services and training (e.g. debriefing, trauma counseling, and the role of counseling in change management).

Mr. Oliver Bwana: Training & Research Manager

Mr. Bwana is responsible for research and consultancy work at TEC. He has conducted research on various aspects of Training and Management development. He is also an accomplished corporate trainer and facilitator with advanced knowledge in Customer Service, Service Marketing, and General Marketing. He also handles other training courses such as Strategic Planning and Team Building. Prior to joining TEC, he worked in the Micro finance and SME sector as a consultant and has accomplished several assignments in Kenya, Tanzania, and Sudan. He is a holder of a Master of Business Leadership degree.

We maintain another staff list of over 20 visiting professors and lecturers from our local universities and corporate organizations who contribute a great deal to the provision of excellent services to all our clients.