TEC Training Course Evaluation

To satisfy client training development, TEC Training insists on a rigorous programme of course programme development and evaluation. Working with TEC Training will assure you of precise identification of training needs, design of the learning objectives, selection of learning material and teaching media, implementation of the training programme and continuous evaluation of the programme.

Pre-training Survey

This is a culmination of the initial processes of establishing client needs. It involves drawing up of a guideline to facilitate the planning of the actual training delivery. It involves drawing up detailed Terms of Reference for the Trainers use and drawing up a checklist for the major points to be captured during the actual training.

This can be facilitated through a visit by our specialists to your facility to get a first hand experience of the work environment in the organisation and to meet the participants or users of the training. This specifically targets identification of training deficiencies.

Actual Training

This phase involves the actual training based on the refined course outline that will have come out of the intensive activities during the pre-training phase. We involve participants in the evaluation of the programme because it is important for them to assess whether the training objectives as their as their personal expectations have been met. It is equally useful to find out whether the programme has been well managed.

The evaluation is done at specific periods during the training programme as each task area gets completed. There is also a written evaluation immediately after the course.

Our evaluation of training is broken down into four areas:

  • Reaction: How much did the trainees like the programme?
  • Learning: What principles, facts and concepts were learned in the training programme?
  • Behaviour: Did the job behaviour of the trainees change because of the programme?
  • Results: What were the results of the programme in terms of factors such as reduced costs or reduction in turnover?

Post-Training Activities

TEC Training continues to work with the clients staff long after the actual training has ended. The purpose of this is to establish the extent to which the skills and knowledge inculcated during training has been transferred successfully to the workplace. Successful transfer means the organisation is now able to benefit from the training.