Research Services

The recognition that people are the greatest resource in the organisation is now pushing managers into making efforts to understand their staff more.

The need to gather information from people can arise for many reasons; managers now need more data concerning employee attitudes towards the working conditions, organisational compensation systems, employee satisfaction, and employee loyalty. Research now plays a major role as an aid in strategic approach to management.

A number of organisations have now felt the need to evaluate programs and policies, institute or upgrade training, measure customer satisfaction, assess organizational functions, along with a variety of other goals. TEC Training research services are meant to provide a HR information base and assist organisations design and implement employee communication systems.

Where a survey is the most effective and efficient way to obtain the desired information, TEC Training staff of professionals is prepared to provide assistance each step of the way, from specifying goals to reporting results. Throughout, our goal is to maximize our client's return on investment by applying principles of survey research to guarantee that the results achieved are relevant, focused, and obtained in the most cost-effective manner possible.