Online Application Rules

Welcome to our online application system. You are a few steps away from making your online application. To successfully complete this application you need to have scanned copies of the following documents:

  1. Bank transfer slip, Bank draft slip, Cash deposit slip
  2. Certificates and/or testimonials
  3. Passport size photo
  1. Students are expected to attend all classes, supervision, practicals, PD's, punctually and without exception.
  2. All assignments must be done and submitted for evaluation and grading.
  3. Students must exhibit a high degree of discipline , morality, professionalism and adherence to the culture of the Institution.
  4. Students to understand and promote the institution's Phulosophy/Mission, ideas and culture.
  5. For general decorum and health promotion in the Institution, no member of TEC Community will be allowed to smoke or be drunk while within the Institution's compound.
  6. Tuition and any other fees must be paid as per the laid down regulations.
  7. Any fees payment default will result in suspension fron class attendance/program suspension.
  8. Mutial respect must be cultivated by all the parties and responsibilities within the entire TEC Community (i.e Students, facilitators/teachers and management).
  9. The TEC Management will provide an enabling envireonment and learning facilitation for academic and professional success.
  10. No student will be graduated if he/she has not:
    1. Regularly attended all tuition and other mandatory sessions,
    2. Done, submitted, and passed all tests, assignments, projects, and research,
    3. Paid all college fees/dues.