Courses: Business Management Department

The Business Administration and Management programs provide professional qualifications that can prepare one for a direct career in business or to gain advanced entry into a range of professional qualifications and business courses in local and overseas universities. It provides theoretical basis as well as practical skills needed by employers and those in self employment.

Career opportunities

Those with qualifications in administration may serve in positions as Administrative Assistants, Accounts Assistants, Office Managers, Human Resource Officers, Finance Officers, and Customer Service Managers.

BM Course Summary

Course Name Duration Exam Body Min. Entry Requirements
Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Dip in Business Administration 4 levels, 6 months each ABE Cert in B/Admin - D
Dip 1 - Cert in BA or C
Dip 2 - Dip 1 in B/A
Adv. Dip - Dip 2 in B/A
Diploma in Business Management 2 years KNEC Mean Grade C
(Maths C Eng C)
Diploma & Adv. Diploma in Business Studies 3 levels, 6 months each ICM Mean Grade C-
Graduate Dip in Management Studies 1 year ICM Mean Grade: Relevant BA DIp