Distance Learning

TIM also offers all its programs on Distance Learning mode. The distance learning courses were introduced to provide for students who are unable to attend lectures at TIM owing to business or domestic reasons.

This has become the program of choice for:

  • Studying professionals who wish for flexibility in managing their time.
  • Students working or staying in areas where suitable learning institution are not available
  • Companies training staff without wishing to disrupt operations.
  • NGO staff working in remote areas.
  • Students enrolled in other programs of study e.g. university students.
  • School leavers waiting to join university or deciding on what careers to take.
  • Students outside Nairobi who cannot find suitable accommodation or who find the cost of living in Nairobi too high.

Benefits of Distance Learning

Freedom from stress
You learn without worrying about timetables, traveling and having to organize your life around someone else’s schedules.

If you are on full time or part-time and you have to relocate, you do not have to cut short your studies. Just inform us and we will provide you with tuition on distance learning. You are never tied down in one place.

Efficient Service
With distance learning you never miss a class. You receive well researched study packs and assignment questions.

What's more?

  • You can attend regular scheduled classes free of cost, timetable and time allowing.
  • Consultations with our full time and permanent teaching staff.