Courses: Accounting & Finance

Why study Accountancy

Accountancy forms the basis for a career in many professions such as law, engineering, medicine etc as well as giving the necessary background to running a business for the self employed.

One can consider a career in Accountancy itself, either in the profession i.e. preparing, auditing, and interpreting the accounts of clients, acting as their financial advisers etc or as a chief accountant directing the accounting activities in an organization.

A career in accountancy

In order to practice as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) you must pass the CPA examinations conducted by the Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB) or obtain an equivalent overseas qualification.

Finance & Accounting courses summary

Course Name Duration Exam Body Min. Entry Requirements
CPA Sec 1 & 2
CPA Sec 3 & 4
CPA Sec 5 & 6
5 months per level KASNEB
Mean Grade D
Maths/Eng. Grade C+
Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Financial Management 4 levels, 6 months each ABE Cert in B/Admin - D
Dip - Cert in BA or C
Dip - 2 Dip. 1 in B/Adm
Adv Dip - Dip.2 in BA
Diploma & Adv. Diploma in Accounting & Finance 3 levels, 6 months each ICM Mean Grade C-