Chattered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Certificate and Diploma Programmes.

CIPS exists to promote and develop high standards of professional skill, ability, and integrity among all those engaged in purchasing and supply chain management. As a profession, purchasing and supply is increasingly being seen as a strategic business discipline and is widely regarded as an international benchmark of excellence, enhancing standards of professionalism and performance.

Studying CIPS gives recognition of professional status and involvement in the work of CIPS which allows its members to keep up to date with latest developments through a comprehensive range of courses, conferences, and publications.

There are five levels of CIPS, each lasting five months.

1. International Certificate in Purchasing & Supplies

Admission requirements: KCSE Mean Grade D
College Tuition Fee: Kshs 15,000
Subjects covered:

  • C1 Understanding purchasing principles
  • C2 Selecting the right supplier
  • C3 Effective negotiation in purchasing and supply
  • C4 Managing inventory
  • C5 The business environment for purchasing and supply

2. International Advanced Certificate in Purchasing & Supplies

Admission requirements: International Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies
College Tuition Fee: Kshs 16,000
Subjects covered:

  • A6 Analysing the supply market
  • A7 An introduction to purchasing strategy
  • A8 Preparing and managing contracts
  • A9 International logistics
  • A10 Measuring performance in purchasing supplies

3. Foundation Diploma Level 4

Admission requirements:

  • CIPS Advanced Certificate in Purchasing & Supplies
  • A degree from a recognized university
  • Mature students who are 21 years of age and have at least two years' working experience in a business environment.

College Tuition Fee: Kshs 20,000
Subjects covered:

  • Effective Negotiation in Purchasing and Supply
  • Purchasing Contexts
  • Developing Contracts in Purchasing and Supply
  • Measuring Purchasing Performance
  • Managing Purchasing and Supply Relationships

4. Advanced Diploma Level 5

Admission requirements:

  • CIPS Foundation Diploma
  • CIPS Advanced Certificate in Purchasing and Supply

College Tuition Fee: Kshs 25,000
Subjects covered:

  • Management in the Purchasing Function
  • Risk Management and Supply Chain Vulnerability
  • Improving Supply Chain Performance

Plus two from the following options

  • Marketing for Purchasers
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Operations Management in the Supply Chain

5. Graduate Diploma Level 6

Admission requirements: CIPS Advanced Diploma
College Tuition Fee: Kshs 25,000
Subjects covered:

  • Leading and Influencing in Purchasing
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain management in Practice

Plus two from the following options

  • Legal Aspects in Purchasing and Supply
  • Advanced Project Management
  • Finance for Purchasers


College Registration fee: Kshs 1,000
CIPS student registration fees £69
Membership fees £44 annual subscription

Examination fees

Early bird: £45 per subject
Standard fee: £50 per subject
Late fee: £90 per subject